VAM Company Analysis, Portfolio Management and Trading System (VCAS) is the first sophisticated in-house company analysis, portfolio management and trading system developed by a Vietnam-focused asset manager..


Equipped with company analysis, portfolio management, fund and portfolio reporting and search tools along with a comprehensive database on Vietnamese companies, VCAS plays a significant role in VAM's investment and fund management activities.

I. Input


1. Company Analysis

Data of selective companies, after being analyzed and approved by the Investment Team, are input into the database for use. This data is continuously reviewed and updated to assure accurate real-time valuations of companies.

VCAS allows analysts to:
- Perform thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of companies effectively;
- Record result of regular meetings with targeted company management; and
- Record research outcomes and company information in a centralized database for easy reference and comparison.


2. Trading Station

VCAS also has the function of a trading station for VAM’s funds where approved daily trading data of the funds are input into the system by the Fund Administrator every day. These data will be processed by the system and trading data of the funds as of any date can be easily tracked when required.

3. Portfolio Management

With the daily updated comprehensive database on company analysis, funds’ investments as well as trading, VCAS lends significant support to VAM’s portfolio management activities.

VCAS allows portfolio managers to:
- Record and monitor trades;
- View portfolio holdings and performance;
- Update latest share price of listed and OTC stocks;
- Monitor brokers’ daily stock list and commission rate;
- Monitor exchange rate information; and
- Generate portfolio summary report.


II. Output


Output data in forms of reports can be retrieved from VCAS at any time to serve different purposes as follows:

1. Company Analysis Report

A company analysis report on any of the companies in VCAS which comprises of company background, management check, SWOT scan, financial ratio analysis, trend analysis, financial projections and comprehensive valuation using several methods can be retrieved from VCAS at any time to serve investment decision-making.

2. Trading and Portfolio Management

A trading or portfolio management report which comprises of the most updated information on the funds’ trading and portfolio can be retrieved from VCAS at any time to serve portfolio management.

3. Fund Reporting

A fund report which comprises of the most updated information on one of VAM funds’ portfolio, performance, peer comparison and market update can be retrieved from VCAS at any time to serve fund reporting requirements.


4. Advance Search


VCAS also provides search tools to help search information in the system’s database to make quick comparison/reference among portfolio companies and others in the market which have been analyzed and saved in the VCA